European roulette: rules

It is roulette that is considered the most popular game of all offered in casinos, and hardly any other game can match it in popularity. In our article you will find out what European roulette is and what pitfalls exist in this game.

The main task of the player is to predict which of the numbered slots the ball will land on. It all depends not only on intuition, but also on specific rules, which Login Casino will tell you about.

The largest number of roulettes is concentrated in the Venetian casino in Macau. These are over 120 tables, including additional VIP rooms.

Basic Rules

When playing European roulette in a real casino, there should be no more than eight players at the table, each of whom is fighting a battle against the casino. All participants have chips of different colors so as not to get confused in the bets.

The croupier (in other words the dealer) is responsible for the course of the game and the rotation of the roulette wheel. His tasks also include throwing the ball, announcing the winning number and paying the winners the required amount. The dealer decides at what point the players end their bets.

Online roulettes are popular in the international field. In such a game, there are no other participants at the table. The battle takes place with a special program that is controlled by a random number generator, ensuring the honesty of the result.

Win European roulette online

It is roulette that is considered the most popular game of all offered in casinos, and hardly any other game can match it in popularity. In our article you will find out what European roulette is and what pitfalls exist in this game.

The main task of the player is to predict which of the numbered slots the ball will land on. It all depends not only on intuition, but also on specific rules, which I will tell you about.

Is it possible to win at European roulette?

uropean roulette is a game with about a dozen bets, each of which has a chance to win.

One of the types of bets is external, that is, on sectors that are located on the outside of the roulette wheel. In other words, these are even odds bets. These include bets on red / black, small / large, column or dozen, odd or even. The payoff for such bets is lower, but the probability of winning is higher than for domestic bets. Recommendations from experts: no matter how much beginners want to bet on a large sum, it is better to avoid this temptation.

The number of different techniques, strategies and techniques here exceeds tens, if not hundreds, but not all are highly effective. The best scheme for winning is the “Red” system. The strategy provides that in the 3rd column on the betting table there are eight red sectors with numbers and four black sectors. You need to place two bets: for example, five tokens on the 3rd column and 10 – for insurance – on black.

The options that may appear are:

  • If a red sector falls on the 3rd column, then you automatically win on the bet on the 3rd column, but you will lose on the bet on black. Simply put, the amount won will be zero.
  • When one of the black sectors of the 3rd column falls out, the player remains in the black for the bet on the column and the bet on black.
  • If a red sector falls out, placed in the first or second column, then the participant loses by two bets and loses one and a half bets.
  • When the black sector or the second column falls out, the player loses half of the amount for the bet on the column, but wins in the bet on black. Thus, he is in the black by half the amount of his original bet.
  • It is unlikely, but there is a chance of the ball falling on sector 0. Then the participant loses both bets and another one and a half bets from above.
roulette strategy

Best roulette bet strategy – Zero

Online Roulette is rightfully called the queen of casinos. Its incredible popularity is mainly due to the fact that it is one of the simplest games in the gambling industry. In addition, being carried away by roulette, casino customers often try to calculate for themselves a clear system or best strategy of changing rates that would increase their chances of winning. The search for such techniques can be quite exciting, but you should not get carried away with them, since you must remember that there are no ideal systems and the game is not income, but entertainment. Read more about bets on zero and odds of gambling establishments in our material.

History has not preserved the name of its creator, but there is an opinion that it was presented to us by Blaise Pascal, the same scientist who worked on the invention of the perpetual motion machine.

The game of roulette became popular in the middle of the 19th century, thanks to the activities of the Blanc brothers in Monte Carlo. Later it was “brought” to the American continent, where one more – double zero – was added to the standard drum cells.

There are many subspecies of roulette: mini roulette, no zero roulette, pinball roulette, triple wheel roulette, double and triple bonus spins roulette; models without numbers on the reels are found in both online and land-based casinos.

It is believed that with all the variety of roulette, the zero sector is of decisive importance. It is he who is responsible for the mechanism programmed by the structure of the roulette wheel, which provides the advantage of the casino. However, do not forget that the real advantage for gambling establishments is the disproportionate odds of winning and payout ratios.

Zero bets and odds for different types of roulette

The American roulette has an extra cell – double zero, the presence of which provides even greater than in European roulette, the house edge. Thus, in European roulette the advantage of a gambling establishment is 2.7%, and in American roulette it is one and a half times higher. Due to the change in the structure of the wheel, there is the possibility of auxiliary bets, including bets on zero.

The magic of zero betting – are the odds on the side of the casino owners?

The presence of a zero sector increases the number of sectors by one in the European system and by two in the American one. If a player places a $ 1 bet on each sector, including 0 and 00, his costs will be $ 38. One of the numbers will be drawn, and the player will win in a ratio of 35 to 1 ($ 35 + $ 1 – the original bet). Thus, the player will win $ 36. And, nevertheless, it will still be a loser, since its initial cost was $ 38. This is due to two sectors – “0” and “00”.

The easiest way to place a zero bet is to view the cell as a completely ordinary sector with a number. When a player bets on one playing field, if he wins, he gets a bet of 35 to 1. The probability of “hitting” is 2-3%.

Another winning plan, relevant only for American roulette, involves betting on five fields at the same time. When betting on five sectors of zero and double zero 1, 2, 3, the payout in case of a win will be 6 to 1, but the probability of winning will be 13.16%. The casino advantage will be 7.89%, from this point of view, the bet on the first five cells is one of the worst, since 7.89% is the highest indicator of the house edge.

In order to correctly “close” both sectors with a rate – the usual zero and the double – it is necessary to “block” two neighboring sectors. In this case, the winning at the bet will be 17 to 1, and the house edge will remain standard. But the player’s chances of “guessing” are increased to 5%.

Best roulette strategy: find your own way to win in gambling game

Roulette – is a type of gambling casino games of luck, that was named after french world with the meaning “little wheel”. And it perfectly suits the game. The idea of the game is simple and that’s why loved by players all around the world: before the beginning of the round, you should make a bet. You could bet on color, number, row of numbers or connect a couple of options in one bet.

After that, wheel starts to spin in one direction before the ball inside of it stopped. Color and number where stopped the ball are winning, and if you were right with your prediction – you are getting money. Obviously, more complicated bet – more money you are getting if you were right, predicting all options.

Strategy that will help you to start winning in roulette

One of the most popular game strategies that really has effect is Martingale system. Around this strategy there are a lot of stereotypes: some people genuinely love it and it was the reason of their huge winnings, to other ones it became huge disappoinment. But we can’t deny the truth: in theory this strategy works.

Main idea is that after every lose you need to double you bet. That way, when you finally win, you will get all your money back with the great income ahead. And basically, it’s truly working strategy, that could be called best casino roulette strategy. But there are also some minuses that make this strategy quite dubious:

  • Some casinos have limit to the row of losses, that’s why you should carefully read terms of usage before applying this strategy on your games;
  • It’s not the best roulette strategy if you have limited budget: if you are unlucky, row of losses will be pretty long and one day you won’t have enough money to double your bet;
  • To fully use this strategy you need to play a lot, so it might be inappropriate for the people who want to play just a couple of games per week;

It’s up to you to decide whether you like this strategy or not, and your personal experience depends from the way you gamble.

How to start winning online roulette tournaments?

Tournaments – it’s an amazing way to win huge jackpot and to compete with other professional players. This events usually very exciting and thrilling, and even if you lost in the match, your emotions are still worth trying. But, if you are seriously intended to win, you need to create the best roulette strategy ever that works, and train a lot until you became experienced and advanced player.

There are some tips, that could be helpful on your way:

  1. Learn from other players. Watch other live tournaments first and maybe there you could find your best roulette strategy that works for you, or at least steal some tricks from professional players;
  2. Focus on one game. Trying a lot of gambling games is definitely really fun, but if you wanna win in tournament, you need to focus on one game fully and perfectly master it;
  3. Don’t afraid to lose on your first tournaments. Even if you didn’t win from first attempts, you still get experience and next time you’ll be more prepared.

We hope, that these tips will be helpful for you on your way of becoming professional player.

Online casino European roulette: the wheel of your own fortune

One of the casino games that are usually chosen for the simplest gameplay along with the fancy décor and atmosphere is roulette. In people’s imagination, this game is associated with the richness, nobleness, and superiority of those who can play it. It was true when only the chosen layers were allowed to land-based casinos. Today, the “chosen” are all gamers of the legal age because everyone gained access to casino entertainment with the emergence of its online industry.

Roulette seems very complex at the first sight but basically, the only action that is required from the gamer during the game is to click the “spin” button just like in slots. So whenever you want to play simple and fancy, you should pick European roulette online.

The gameplay

The main gaming instrument in this game is the wheel divided into sections. Still, roulette belongs to the category of table games because the second instrument is a table with markings where all wagers are put. In online casino European roulette, the croupier can be a real professional that works in live games or a computer algorithm. Each of them puts the ball on the wheel and then operates the spinning. Before the spinning, all participants should make their guesses and put bets accordingly. By bets, gamers try to guess the characteristics of the section on the wheel where the ball may end up.


A lot of gamers consider this style of the game as the most convenient and favorable for them. Usually, it brings good payouts for those who learn some tips and strategies, or even simply test their luck. The European style possesses the next features:

  • It has 36 red and black numbers;
  • it has only one green zero;
  • even are black and odd are red;
  • the house edge equals 2.7%; it is conditioned by the existence of the zero pocket;
  • the high RTP correlates with the house edge and equals 97.3%;
  • a lot of titles of online casino European roulette are powered by leading gaming providers that guarantees the high quality of effects, graphics, animation, and sounds.

Due to very favorable characteristics for the gamer, many casino customers around the globe prefer to play European roulette online.

Casinos to enjoy European Roulette in Canada

While of course mostly this type is widely played on the European continent, players from other parts of the world also like to enjoy the features. So the following online websites provide good options of European roulette in Canada:

  1. Jackpot City Casino;
  2. Kahuna Casino;
  3. CasiGo Casino;
  4. Dreamz Casino;
  5. Crazy Fox Casino.

All these casinos provide games of the high quality that can offer gamers the best roulette experience.

It is also important that you can practice in the free versions at the websites and learn all the peculiarities and tips about online casino European roulette.

American roulette game online strategy and basic odds

The difference between the American roulette wheel and the European roulette wheel is the presence of two cells of zero, the so-called double zero (double zero), hence the accepted US name for the game – Double zero roulette. This is why American roulette has 38 numbers: 0, 00 and numbers from 1 to 36 inclusive.

American roulette game online rules and odds

These differences determine that bets in this game are accepted in a completely different way than in the game accepted in the Old World.

The fact is that thanks to the double zero, how to play and the odds of taking all bets in American roulette game online simulator are increased. So you don’t wonder how to beat it, here are some statistics:

  • A player loses 2 bets out of 38;
  • The casino has a 5.26% advantage;
  • Advantage with one zero is 2.7%.

This is why European roulette is considered less profitable, and in most countries of the world the owners of casinos willingly replace it with American roulette.

Naturally, visitors do not particularly like this, as the 5.26% advantage means that with each hundred dollars put on the line, the player inevitably loses $5.26.

This is why the betting system in this game has been converted into a slightly different kind of game, so that the players’ odds are slightly improved without causing damage to the institution or reducing its advantage.

All bets on American roulette vary between internal and external roulette, both of which must correspond to a special value set by the gambling house – the so-called minimum table.


By this value, we mean the size of the maximum bet. Internal bets may be smaller than the minimum table, but this assumption is only made if they reach a minimum or even a larger value in total.

As a rule, the minimum table is small, and it is still strictly limited, because any large value of the maximum bet on the internal number would risk ruining the casino if a player wins one after the other.

The most popular roulette strategy

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of online roulette strategies, but there are a few that you will find on any website dedicated to this game. In this article, we want to introduce you to the roulette strategy called 3/2. This system is larger than others, such as Martingale or D’Alambert.

Let’s look at the 3/2 strategy in more detail:

  1. The main point is that we must consistently bet on red throughout the second column of numbers on the game table. There are also eight black areas out of twelve. In this way, we get eighteen plus eight winning fields, while the losers are only ten (eleven for European roulette and twelve for American roulette).
  2. So, we put three chips on the red on the second column of the game table. A small digression: have you noticed that we already have a 3/2 system name? Three chips, 2nd column.
  3. After we made the bet, the American roulette game online wheel spun and the ball stopped. If the ball chose the red number but not the second column, we put in the profit (three chips) and lose the two that were placed on the middle column on the gaming table. The situation is such that we always win by exactly one chip. The same thing will happen if the ball picks a black number from the middle column.
  4. And now for the most interesting moment. If the red number in the second column falls out, our winnings will be seven chips. We may lose our bet in full if a zero or numbers from the third and first columns on the gaming table fall out.

That is it. Hope you will try it out and get great results.

Online Casino Roulette Strategy: Effective Tactics To Increase The Players’ Advantage!

Roulette is one of the simplest and most addicting entertainment. Gamblers choose this game because the numbers fall out completely by chance, as the spinning of the wheel will not depend on the player’s actions. Even those users who have never been in the casino know how to play roulette. There are only a few nuances about online casino roulette strategy that they need to note to make the game more fun and to win.

Online Casino Roulette Strategy: Working Tips For CA Gamblers

Many strategies are based on changing the number of bets depending on the game situation. Moreover, their size can both increase and decrease. Fixed rates are considered the most effective. Gaming systems imply a change in the position of bets on the playing field. The combined techniques harmoniously combine the advantages of the first and second methods of playing the game. The most famous strategy – the Martingale or Mayer online roulette strategy – is designed to guarantee the player a return on investment. The principle of action is quite simple. According to the theory, it is necessary to double the lost bets until these actions bring a victory. One hundred percent chance of winning means having an unlimited bankroll. System features:

  • players need to have a large enough budget to compensate for the losses;
  • they should take into account the casino’s maximum bets limits;
  • due to the simplicity of the best online casino roulette strategy, it is suitable for use by experienced gamblers and beginners.

In practice, this strategy often leads players to bankruptcy. The establishments were forced by limiting maximum limits to prevent this system, in which the players constantly double their bets. Sometimes gamblers run out of chips, which prevents them from doubling the bet once again.

The Red-Black Tactics To Win Online Roulette

Before playing roulette according to the red-black online casino roulette strategy, users need to choose the way the bet amount will change. For example, the popular Martingale system uses the principle of doubling progression:

  • users select an initial bet;
  • set the tiles to one of the colors;
  • with each loss, the amount is doubled;
  • upon winning, the players return to the starting value.

This is the online casino roulette strategy that works for other odds bets, such as over or under, even or odd. The D’Alembert strategy has a similar algorithm. With each loss, the users add the same amount to the bet. Oscar Grind’s online European roulette strategy is a more complex system with the opposite principle. In it, the bet increases with every win. The session ends when the amount exceeds the initial value by four times. Regardless of which technique the users have chosen, they should follow several rules. First of all, they should set the maximum amount that they are willing to spend without prejudice to themselves. As soon as the total size of the bet chips reaches this limit, the game should be interrupted. It does not matter how much money was won or lost in the process.

Online roulette rules — basics

Sometimes roulette looks like the simplest entertainment. Really, isn’t it easy to guess the number, which will be the exact section, where the ball stops and wait? Nevertheless, when a beginner starts playing it, online roulette rules do not look as easy as they seemed to be. The winning system can be quite complex, but with time, everyone will understand its peculiarities.

Online roulette rules for newbies

The purpose of the game is to predict the place, which the ball will “pick” to stop there, and strategies work here rarely. However, one can have a better chance of winning if he switches off emotions and tries to play more rationally.

Basic rules here remain the same everywhere, although some casino games roulette rules can slightly differ. Traditionally, we distinguish:

  • American;
  • French;
  • European games with different online roulette rules.

The latter variant is chosen more frequently (the house here has a smaller advantage). American game variant has an extra 00 field, and the casino gets more profits due to these features. French variant has a larger table, so if this is a live game, two croupiers will work there.


It is the most important part of online roulette rules. If a gambler decides to bet and does not know anything about it, he has all chances to lose everything.

Inside bets

There are several options for making these bets. This is possible by means of one chip on a specific number. One can also place it on the line between two numbers, 3, on a cross between 4 or on an outer junction of 2 x 3 numbers, etc. As the spread increases, the payout that a gambler can get, decreases.

Outside bets

These bets are available in the form of columns, boxes, high and low, red and black or evens and odds. According to online roulette rules (and tips as well), picking these bet types is particularly popular. Gamblers have an almost 50% chance of profit.

The Zero game against the bank

One can also play against the bank and bet on Zero. If a gamer is the luckiest guy to guess this section correctly and the ball picks this place to stop, he will get money of the house (the bank).

Payouts and wins

The payouts based on roulette game rules and winnings always depend on the picked bet. The type of it determines how many times the winning bet can be increased. This varies from 1x with a bet on red, black, even, odd, the first 18 numbers, and the last 18 numbers.

To get the better payouts, the gamer has to bet on the first, the second, or third dozen numbers. As with the first, second, or third column, he will be paid 3x his bet. The payout continues to increase with a block of 6 (5x), 4 (8x), and a line of 3 numbers (11x). The gambler gets the highest win with a bet on 2 (17x) and the bet on 1 number (37x). On the other hand, one has to keep in mind that he also takes the greatest risk with this system.