American roulette game online strategy and basic odds

The difference between the American roulette wheel and the European roulette wheel is the presence of two cells of zero, the so-called double zero (double zero), hence the accepted US name for the game – Double zero roulette. This is why American roulette has 38 numbers: 0, 00 and numbers from 1 to 36 inclusive.

American roulette game online rules and odds

These differences determine that bets in this game are accepted in a completely different way than in the game accepted in the Old World.

The fact is that thanks to the double zero, how to play and the odds of taking all bets in American roulette game online simulator are increased. So you don’t wonder how to beat it, here are some statistics:

  • A player loses 2 bets out of 38;
  • The casino has a 5.26% advantage;
  • Advantage with one zero is 2.7%.

This is why European roulette is considered less profitable, and in most countries of the world the owners of casinos willingly replace it with American roulette.

Naturally, visitors do not particularly like this, as the 5.26% advantage means that with each hundred dollars put on the line, the player inevitably loses $5.26.

This is why the betting system in this game has been converted into a slightly different kind of game, so that the players’ odds are slightly improved without causing damage to the institution or reducing its advantage.

All bets on American roulette vary between internal and external roulette, both of which must correspond to a special value set by the gambling house – the so-called minimum table.


By this value, we mean the size of the maximum bet. Internal bets may be smaller than the minimum table, but this assumption is only made if they reach a minimum or even a larger value in total.

As a rule, the minimum table is small, and it is still strictly limited, because any large value of the maximum bet on the internal number would risk ruining the casino if a player wins one after the other.

The most popular roulette strategy

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of online roulette strategies, but there are a few that you will find on any website dedicated to this game. In this article, we want to introduce you to the roulette strategy called 3/2. This system is larger than others, such as Martingale or D’Alambert.

Let’s look at the 3/2 strategy in more detail:

  1. The main point is that we must consistently bet on red throughout the second column of numbers on the game table. There are also eight black areas out of twelve. In this way, we get eighteen plus eight winning fields, while the losers are only ten (eleven for European roulette and twelve for American roulette).
  2. So, we put three chips on the red on the second column of the game table. A small digression: have you noticed that we already have a 3/2 system name? Three chips, 2nd column.
  3. After we made the bet, the American roulette game online wheel spun and the ball stopped. If the ball chose the red number but not the second column, we put in the profit (three chips) and lose the two that were placed on the middle column on the gaming table. The situation is such that we always win by exactly one chip. The same thing will happen if the ball picks a black number from the middle column.
  4. And now for the most interesting moment. If the red number in the second column falls out, our winnings will be seven chips. We may lose our bet in full if a zero or numbers from the third and first columns on the gaming table fall out.

That is it. Hope you will try it out and get great results.

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