European roulette: rules

It is roulette that is considered the most popular game of all offered in casinos, and hardly any other game can match it in popularity. In our article you will find out what European roulette is and what pitfalls exist in this game.

The main task of the player is to predict which of the numbered slots the ball will land on. It all depends not only on intuition, but also on specific rules, which Login Casino will tell you about.

The largest number of roulettes is concentrated in the Venetian casino in Macau. These are over 120 tables, including additional VIP rooms.

Basic Rules

When playing European roulette in a real casino, there should be no more than eight players at the table, each of whom is fighting a battle against the casino. All participants have chips of different colors so as not to get confused in the bets.

The croupier (in other words the dealer) is responsible for the course of the game and the rotation of the roulette wheel. His tasks also include throwing the ball, announcing the winning number and paying the winners the required amount. The dealer decides at what point the players end their bets.

Online roulettes are popular in the international field. In such a game, there are no other participants at the table. The battle takes place with a special program that is controlled by a random number generator, ensuring the honesty of the result.

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