Win European roulette online

It is roulette that is considered the most popular game of all offered in casinos, and hardly any other game can match it in popularity. In our article you will find out what European roulette is and what pitfalls exist in this game.

The main task of the player is to predict which of the numbered slots the ball will land on. It all depends not only on intuition, but also on specific rules, which I will tell you about.

Is it possible to win at European roulette?

uropean roulette is a game with about a dozen bets, each of which has a chance to win.

One of the types of bets is external, that is, on sectors that are located on the outside of the roulette wheel. In other words, these are even odds bets. These include bets on red / black, small / large, column or dozen, odd or even. The payoff for such bets is lower, but the probability of winning is higher than for domestic bets. Recommendations from experts: no matter how much beginners want to bet on a large sum, it is better to avoid this temptation.

The number of different techniques, strategies and techniques here exceeds tens, if not hundreds, but not all are highly effective. The best scheme for winning is the “Red” system. The strategy provides that in the 3rd column on the betting table there are eight red sectors with numbers and four black sectors. You need to place two bets: for example, five tokens on the 3rd column and 10 – for insurance – on black.

The options that may appear are:

  • If a red sector falls on the 3rd column, then you automatically win on the bet on the 3rd column, but you will lose on the bet on black. Simply put, the amount won will be zero.
  • When one of the black sectors of the 3rd column falls out, the player remains in the black for the bet on the column and the bet on black.
  • If a red sector falls out, placed in the first or second column, then the participant loses by two bets and loses one and a half bets.
  • When the black sector or the second column falls out, the player loses half of the amount for the bet on the column, but wins in the bet on black. Thus, he is in the black by half the amount of his original bet.
  • It is unlikely, but there is a chance of the ball falling on sector 0. Then the participant loses both bets and another one and a half bets from above.

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